Customer Categories

The AI-Driven Price Forecasting Tool SEKASA Fin for Stocks, Crypto, Commodities and FX: 

  • Flexible API Tool for seamless integration. 
  • White to grey label tool to empower SaaS Providers for Brokers and Asset Managers, Broker Platforms, Asset Managers and Pricing Departments with an easily customizable solution for their specific needs, visualization requirements and existing software.

The SEKASA Fin API tool fits seamlessly into any investment & portfolio strategy regardless of trading volume through customized deployment

Broker / Trading Plattform Provider

We provide our SEKASA Fin API Tool as AI Feature for Trading Platforms: 

  • Already integrated in Meta 4, Meta5 and Unity Environments
  • Provision of Educational Trading Signals
  • Provision of Asset Selection / Search Engines 

Family Offices // Funds // Asset Manager

We provide AI Driven Educational Trading Signals adapted to your needs regarding

  • Asset Classes // Trading Places // Frequencies // Output Design 
  • Either integrated in your Software Environment or via Email 


Leverage the signals for AI supported Investment Decisions, Stress Tests, Scneario Analysis


Fits to every Trading Strategy


Our Tool can be adapted to further AI Driven Analytical Use Cases like: Asset Picking / Search, Portfolio Creation

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