Integrate SEKASA Fin to your Investment Strategy and Risk Management

AI Driven Price Predictions for Decision-Makers 

SEKASA Fin generates quantitative forecasts of future price movements in the areas of stocks, commodities, crypto and FX in real-time for desired time frames 

SEKASA Fin makes insights at institutional quant trader level accessible and enhances investment decisions, risk-, portfolio and liquidity management 

SEKASA Fin = Ecosystem of 1,500+ AI Models 

With an ecosystem of 1,500+ AI models and over 47 integrated APIs SEKASA Fin considers various market dynamics & price influences to generate cutting-edge quantitative price forecasts

 The ecosystem of SEKASA Fin is highly adaptable regarding customer needs for specific assets, order sizes, APIs or outcome 

Reduced Internal Resources for Developing Cutting Edge AI Technology 
SEKASA Fin is designed as a White-to-Grey Label API Tool 
 for seamless integration with existing tools and customization to defined needs. 
to reduce the need for development from scratch and internal computing resources by leveraging our existing ecosystem, saving time & costs 

The AI-Driven API-Tool Fits in Every Process 

The AI-driven SEKASA Fin API Tool can be easily adapted and integrated into existing analysis processes. 

Depending on your needs, you will receive the tool as a white or grey label version based on models that are regularly reviewed and can be quickly integrated into an existing framework.

We know that you already work with numerous software tools. That is why you will receive the results integrated in your existing solutions, as an API-Tool or optional as an E-Mail service

1500 Models, 50 APIs, Multi Model Tool, AI Driven Price Predictions

Benefit From Internal and/or External Use

Offering SEKASA Fin as a white or grey label tool

  • leads to rapid customizability to your needs
  • reduces the need for in-house AI knowledge
  • saves time and money for development from scratch
  • allows you to focus on your core competencies
white label tool

Advantages of Internal Use 

Integrate SEKASA Fin into your own tools and processes

Receive price movement forecasts to

  • make more informed and data-driven decisions
    • plan positions
    • set stop/losses
  • improve risk management by e.g. generating stress tests
  • enhance liquidity managment
  • analyse impact of different features on prices
  • analyse past price movements

Advantages of External Use 

Improve the experience of your customers by

  • add an AI-feature to your customer experience
  • providing price development forecasts to your customers as e.g. a trading signal
  • providing ideas for Stop-Loss / Take-Profit points

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