AI-powered Price Forecasts for 
Stocks, Commodities, and FX

Empowering the Financial Industry with Insights on the Level of Institutional Quant Trader
Our quantitative, machine learning-based approach combines state-of-the-art technologies with established methods 

There is No One Perfect AI Model

That is why we have developed an ecosystem of 1.000+ AI models & combined them 

in our SEKASA Fin tool to account for combinations of influences and market positions



SEKASA Fin generates quantitative forecasts of future price movements in the areas of stocks, commodities and FX for defined time windows

Insights at the institutional quant trader level enable smarter financial decisions and better risk management

SEKASA Fin is a white-to-grey label API tool that can be easily customized and seamlessly integrated into customer processes.

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The Team

Katharina Brunkhorst and Sebastian Niehaus are the brains behind SEKASA. 

Katharina brings her expertise in financial strategy and risk management, while Sebastian brings his extensive experience in machine learning and statistics. 

Together, they are creating a new paradigm in financial analysis.

Our mission is to make institutional-level quant trader insights accessible to clients of all sectors to make smarter financial decisions using our quantitatively supported price trend forecasting tool

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