AI-powered Price Forecasts for 
Stocks, Commodities, FX and 

Empowering the Financial Industry with Insights on the Level of Institutional Quant Trader
Our quantitative, machine learning-based approach combines state-of-the-art technologies with established methods 

News Alert: 

May 2024: Our CEO Kathariana had the pleasure of attending the Best Invest 2024 panel discussion and it was a blast. ūüéČIt was a thought-provoking discussion about the challenges and opportunities in developing new AI solutions, as well as demystifying the buzzword AI. ūü§Ė

We are proud members of the NVIDIA Inception program since the foundation of our company 1.5 years ago

SEKASA has teamed up with Grant Thornton Cyprus' Quantitative Risk team to conduct a joint study on the development of machine learning systems for credit default prediction. Please find the full article here: 

Credit Default Forecasting with Machine Learning: Turning EBA Recommendations into Action | Grant Thornton Cyprus insights

We are happy to be a member of TechIsland and enjoyed the TechIsland Connect #5 in March 2024

Sebastian, CTO and co-founder of SEKASA, was one of the speakers in a dynamic discussion on the future of wealth management and the impact of AI at the Forbes Cyprus - The Future of Fintech Summit. 

The group had a great, but also controversial discussion about wealth management and the benefits, but also the limitations of using AI. 
In the end, it all comes down to the human and machine partnership and how to best harness the power of AIūü§Ě

SEKASA's believe: There is No One Perfect AI Model

That is why we have in-house developed an ecosystem of 1.500+ AI models & combined them 

in our SEKASA Fin tool to account for combinations of influences and market positions


Our SEKASA Fin API Tool generates quantitative forecasts of future price movements in the areas of stocks, commodities and FX for defined time windows

Insights at the institutional quant trader level enable smarter financial decisions and better risk management

SEKASA Fin is a white-to-grey label API tool that can be easily customized and seamlessly integrated into customer processes.

Our AI-Driven API-Tool Fits in Every Process 

White Label Solution: Easy and Fast Adaption to Your Needs

Depending on your needs, you will receive the tool as a white or grey label version based on models that are regularly reviewed and can be quickly integrated into an existing framework.

API Tool: Quick Integration into existing analysis processes. 

We know that you already work with numerous software tools. That is why you will receive the results integrated in your existing solutions, as an API-Tool or optional as an E-Mail service

Incorporated into our SEKASA Fin ecosystem, for instance:

New Feature: 
Asset Picking & Portfolio Creation Feature: 

Our SEKASA Fin tool not only excels in AI-powered price forecasting, but is your trusted ally on your investment journey from the very beginning. 



SEKASA Fin uses its extensive AI driven API ecosystem to find assets and create portfolios tailored to your preferences and strategy.

SEKASA democratizes advanced AI technology & generates cutting-edge price predictions to assist:

Asset Managers, Family Offices, Investment Banking, Funds, Broker, SaaS Providers to the Finance Industry

The SEKASA Fin API tool fits seamlessly into any investment & portfolio strategy regardless of trading volume through customized deployment


Katharina Brunkhorst and Sebastian Niehaus are the brains behind SEKASA. 

Katharina brings her expertise in financial strategy and risk management, while Sebastian brings his extensive experience in machine learning and statistics. 

Together, they are creating a new paradigm in financial analysis.

Our mission is to make institutional-level quant trader insights accessible to clients of all sectors to make smarter financial decisions using our quantitatively supported price trend forecasting tool

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